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"Cloud Temple supports us in all our infrastructure development projects, including in terms of security, taking into account our applications. "

Christel Loitron, IT Director, Stelliant Group

About Stelliant

Founded in 1987, the Stelliant Group is France's leading provider of insurance services. From advice and prevention to expertise, delegated management and post-claim solutions, Stelliant brings together all the insurance services businesses to provide tailor-made support for individuals, professionals, businesses and insurers in managing risk. The Stelliant group and its 2,500 employees work together on a daily basis to find the right solutions to meet every need and every specific requirement, both in France (with 140 branches) and internationally, where its partnership with Crawford gives it a presence in 80 countries.

The issues

Christel Loitron arrived in 2018 to take over responsibility for the Stelliant Group's Information System (IS) Department, inheriting a partnership that had been established with Cloud Temple for almost 10 years.

Today, as the Group embarks on a new turn to meet the many challenges of a rapidly changing market (in terms of both expertise and customer approach), the insurer is more than ever counting on its partner, a trusted partner of its size and image, to provide a solid, responsive, secure and scalable infrastructure base.

Christel Loitron comments: "Historically, Cloud Temple's core business has been the physical and logical security of information systems. That's why, with security at the heart of our insurance services, we decided to entrust them with the design and hosting of our infrastructure and applications, facilities management of our entire system (including supervision, operation and maintenance), and management of our back-ups on the basis of a business continuity and recovery plan (BCP). "

The solution

Today, while Stelliant claims to benefit from a diversity of skills and a level of services and extended hours that it could not have afforded internally, the Group also declares that it trusts Cloud Temple to support it in the development of its projects, both technically and financially.

"Being in a 'full private cloud' configuration, we've been wondering for two years whether to move to the public cloud. Behind this choice lies the idea of using a large catalogue of innovative services developed by specialists, without having to develop them ourselves, so that we can easily put in place 'Proof Of Concept' (POC), and then deploy them if they prove conclusive. The aim is to increase our value, reduce our deployment times and improve our 'time to market'," continues Christel Loitron.

But beyond greater agility and responsiveness, Stelliant also wants to be able to offer its customers (both internal and external) services that can be consumed and paid for on a pay-per-use basis, with the capacity to scale up immediately or on a one-off basis. For example, the implementation of an extranet is an ideal case study in terms of the advantages offered by a public cloud offering.

Once again, Stelliant's IT department chose to renew its confidence in Cloud Temple's teams to help it hybridize its IS and build a modern solution combining public cloud (AWS) and private cloud.

Christel Loitron explains: "Making the right choice and consuming differently requires skills and a command of the new billing models, which again we have chosen to delegate to the Cloud Temple teams. To date, very few of our applications are affected, with the exception of Chabot-type applications. "

The benefits

For the time being, Stelliant, which has chosen to move gradually towards the public cloud, is counting on the original approach, as well as the technical capabilities and multi-client expertise of Cloud Temple's teams, to support it in its new activities (devops / devsecops / finops) and help it make the best decision between private and public cloud for each new need.

Christel Loitron concludes: "Whereas other players in the market tend to be 'pure players', in Cloud Temple we have found the ideal partner, capable of providing us with the best of both worlds. Among other things, this enables us to benefit from the same level of service and the same contacts on the contractual side, while arbitrating our choices with a degree of neutrality as soon as a project arises. "

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