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A guarantee of performance and an accelerator of innovation, the cloud plays a central role in the transformation strategies of businesses and public sector bodies. That's why we're convinced that the cloud must be the guarantor of organisations' digital confidence in relation to all their stakeholders - customers, partners, employees and citizens.

This conviction guides every technological choice we make, so that safety is at the heart of the design of all our products. Our compliance strategy is based on a clear principle: to align all our developments with the most demanding standards on the European market. All our products are SecNumCloud-qualified or eligible for ANSSI qualification.


A state-of-the-art industrial cloud for security

Cloud Temple's challenge is to provide businesses, public sector bodies and publishers with a 'real' cloud that is secure, high-performance, scalable and without functional regression.


The technology choices and partnerships we have put in place enable Cloud Temple to support workloads with very demanding performance requirements (SAP S/4Hana, HR applications, finance, etc.).


SecNumCloud qualification guarantees that your data is hosted in conditions of security and sovereignty that protect it from cyber attacks and extraterritorial laws.


We are developing new PaaS technology building blocks, in particular containerisation, to make it easier to modernise your applications. In this way, we are bringing the publisher ecosystem on board to create a trusted SaaS offering.

La disponibilité

Cloud Temple guarantees 24/7 availability of websites and applications so that users can access services from anywhere at any time, and is contractually committed to efficient disaster recovery plans.

Being SecNumCloud qualified means proving that our offering complies on an ongoing basis with more than 700 requirements and best practices listed in the ANSSI information systems security reference framework. These standards cover every aspect of the cloud, from the technical to the physical, from the contractual to the operational. To comply with these security and sovereignty criteria, without any functional regression for our customers, a team of around twenty people have been redesigning our platform in depth, over a period of almost 3 years.
Christophe Lesur, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Temple

A trusted digital ecosystem

Faced with the challenges of sovereignty, compliance and security for their customers, digital players are seeking to develop trusted solutions, while accelerating innovation.
To extend the SecNumCloud footprint, the Trusted Cloud Accelerator programme is designed to help SaaS solution publishers and PaaS service providers move towards the trusted cloud, in order to offer the market a vast ecosystem of sovereign solutions.

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