CAIH: advice, support and hosted infrastructures for healthcare data

The trusted cloud to accelerate your transformations

Through its "Consulting, support and hosted infrastructures for healthcare data" contract, the hospital IT purchasing group (CAIH) is offering healthcare players a catalogue of cloud offerings designed to meet their specific digital transformation needs. CAIH offers healthcare establishments simplified, cost-effective access to the services of selected service providers.

Cloud Temple is one of the four cloud providers selected in "lot 1" of the contract, dedicated to the "secure private cloud". Our cloud, which is SecNumCloud-qualified by ANSSI and HDS-certified, meets the most stringent security, performance and sovereignty requirements of healthcare players, while promoting the transformation of their information systems. We have also been selected for Lot 2 of the contract, as a 24/7 managed services provider for Microsoft Azure environments, in a subcontracting partnership with Blue Soft Empower.


ISO 27001
ISAE 3402
By choosing Cloud Temple as part of its consultancy, support and infrastructure hosting contract for healthcare data, CAIH is attesting to the quality of our trusted cloud, which is HDS-certified and SecNumCloud-qualified. By ordering through this marketplace, you gain simplified access to a comprehensive catalogue of cloud services and benefit from the support of our teams.
Christophe Lesur, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Temple

Combining safety and innovation

The very best in safety, without compromise

Your Infrastructure-as-Code strategy made simple

All our servers are based in France

Native hybridisation to combine security and agility

Personalised support from our experts

An industrial and automated environment

health professionals

Innovation at the service of people

We support technological innovation and the development of new uses in the healthcare sector. Innovation at the service of people, requiring maximum security and an HDS-qualified partner to guarantee the protection of sensitive data.

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Why choose CAIH?

A non-profit association dedicated to simplifying IT and telecoms procurement, CAIH was founded in 2014 thanks to the collaboration of its six founding members.

It has successfully managed over 35 contracts for more than 2,000 members. Its approach is characterised by a proactive approach to the preparation and management of public procurement contracts.

The benefits of CAIH :

  • No entry fee, with each member contributing to the financing on a market-by-market basis
  • Transparent management of its operations
  • Protecting members' interests
  • Collegial governance by a Board of Directors made up of 16 members divided into two colleges
  • Negotiated rates for members
  • Setting up projects that benefit as wide a community as possible
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