CSR commitments

Make digital technology a sustainable solution

As a digital player at the heart of transformations in society and the economic fabric, Cloud Temple is committed to having a positive impact on its ecosystem and strengthening a relationship of trust with its stakeholders. Aware of its impact, Cloud Temple has developed a social responsibility policy in line with its values, skills and the challenges it faces. Its ambition is to make digital a solution, not a problem.

Our 10 commitments

Designed to meet the expectations of the company's stakeholders, our 10 commitments guide our actions to strengthen our positive impact. 6 of these have been identified as priorities in the materiality matrix. They are accompanied by quantified objectives that are measured over time.

Cloud temple enterprise CSR scheme our ten commitments

For our employees

Talent is at the heart of the company's value creation model. That's why Cloud Temple is committed to providing its employees with a working environment that fosters well-being and professional development.

Adopting an open working style

The organisation of work at Cloud Temple encourages a balance between personal and professional life through access to teleworking, formalised in a charter. The charter stipulates that 100% remote working can be set up on a case-by-case basis.

Cloud Temple also offers its employees the possibility of working from one of its five sites across France, located in Puteaux, Lyon, Tours, Caen and Nantes, providing real flexibility in their life plans. Our partnership with the IWG coworking group also means that all Cloud Temple employees have a place to work less than 30 minutes from where they live.

To be recognised by the Great Place to Work label

Determined to make its commitment to the well-being of its employees part of a continuous improvement approach, Cloud Temple has chosen to measure its progress using the indicators of the international organisation Great Place to Work. Great Place to Work certification is based on two measurement tools: a survey of employees to gauge their perceptions and an audit of practices based on 9 levers. Obtaining this label guarantees a pleasant and inclusive working environment.

Highlighting "career paths

Cloud Temple is committed to formalising the "career paths" available within the company. The aim of these pathways is to highlight the possibilities for career development and advancement for employees, in a transparent manner. In this way, they offer perspectives and facilitate projection within Cloud Temple by explaining the steps and training required to move to another position or grade.

Training employees and managers

Cloud Temple offers a wide range of training courses to help its employees develop their skills. In addition to the modules included in the induction programme - cybersecurity, digital responsibility, moral harassment awareness - employees are encouraged by their manager to propose a training project leading to certification. And those who feel ready to take on a management role are supported through a training course devoted to good managerial practices, particularly in an open-work and teleworking environment.

MONITORING OF CSR PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 31/12/2022 31/12/2023 Goals for 2024 2025 target
Great Place to Work certification score 77 80 85
Ratio of female managers to female employees 0,93 1 1 1
Percentage of posts with a formal career plan 21% ***% 75% 100%

*** indicator being measured

For our customers

By listening to our customers, we are able to understand their expectations accurately so that we can respond to them, and be part of a continuous improvement process not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of the social and environmental impact of our cloud services.

Managing customer satisfaction

In addition to its customer satisfaction monitoring actions, and in order to better meet their expectations, Cloud Temple has set up an annual satisfaction survey. This provides additional evaluation criteria and highlights Cloud Temple's areas for improvement as well as its strengths. It takes the form of an indicator, the Net Promoter Score.

Strengthening internal quality governance

The Account Managers are responsible for monitoring the quality of the services delivered by the Cloud Temple teams. The role of these quality ambassadors is reinforced by a Quality Manager, who monitors quality and ensures that the results of the satisfaction survey are taken into account.

Develop industrialised measurement tools for our customers

Cloud Temple is putting in place precise, industrialised indicators to offer its customers a detailed view of the environmental impact of their IT services hosted on our infrastructures. The first step in this process concerns electricity consumption. The consumption of each virtual machine is measured within our Cloud Management Platform, application by application.

Supporting the transition to digital sobriety

In order to offer customers levers for action to reduce their measured impact, Cloud Temple is developing support services for architectures and solutions that consume less energy. Our eco-responsible offer is based on the frugal design of services, on a system usage profile that favours low energy consumption and on extending the lifespan of equipment.

MONITORING OF CSR PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 31/12/2022 31/12/2023 Goals for 2024 2025 target
Net promoter score 33 36 42 50
Percentage of MSP customers aware of digital responsibility 18% 72% 100%
Percentage of MSP customers supported in their transformation towards digital sobriety 10% 20% 30%

*** indicator being measured

For our environment

In the years to come, the rapid growth of the digital sector means that it will have to face up to major challenges in terms of environmental responsibility - the sector already accounts for 2.5% of greenhouse gas emissions in France - and social responsibility. Cloud Temple is committed to improving its footprint on its ecosystem.

Adopting responsible digital practices

Cloud Temple has integrated environmental responsibility into its business processes in order to strengthen infrastructure optimisation, equipment lifecycle management and responsible purchasing.

  • Selecting certified hosting partners
  • Controlling the PUE of our hosting partners
  • Optimising the life cycle of our equipment
  • Industrialising the end-of-life of our equipment
  • Buying responsibly
Supporting social projects

In addition to these actions to protect the environment, Cloud Temple is committed to a number of non-profit organisations in order to have a positive impact on society. In order to combine its corporate social responsibility with the civic commitment of its employees, Cloud Temple has set up an internal system enabling its teams to choose the associations that will benefit from its sponsorship activities. In 2024, the two winning associations will benefit from a partnership agreement providing financial, logistical and/or human support.

MONITORING OF CSR PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 31/12/2022 31/12/2023 Goals for 2024 2025 target
Percentage of employees aware of digital responsibility 80% 100% 100%
Percentage of end-of-life data centre equipment recycled ***% 50% 75%

*** indicator being measured

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