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Interoperability & hybridity

Stimulating innovation while protecting your data

Given that the vast majority of today's information systems are multi-cloud, Cloud Temple has made interoperability an essential part of the design of its cloud platform.

Your applications, based on hybrid architectures, benefit from optimum technical performance and cross-functional management tools.

This approach enables you to deploy the latest hyperscaler cloud solutions in the secure environment of a SecNumCloud-qualified trusted cloud. It accelerates innovation while ensuring maximum protection for your sensitive data.


Interoperability in practice

Accelerating innovation

Harness the power of hyperscaler solutions - AI, BI, serverless, etc. - for temporary data processing, while securing permanent storage in our trusted cloud.

Business continuity

Dimension your disaster recovery plan according to your price, security and performance criteria.

Independence and reversibility

Reduce your technological dependency on a single cloud provider and simplify migration to a SecNumCloud-qualified environment.

Thanks to the native interoperability of our trusted cloud with hyperscalers, you have access to the best of both worlds.
Christophe Lesur, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Temple

OGF Group

  • The challenge : Supporting the transformation of OGF's IS, whose highly digitised model is based on around ten applications made available to branches, taking into account the constraints associated with the sensitivity of the personal data collected.
  • The solution Monitoring and supervision across all clouds // Using the power of Azure solutions to run 3D modelling software
  • The benefits : High level of protection for customers' personal data // Easy access to immediately operational services // Scalability
The Stelliant application hosted by Cloud Temple


  • The challenge : Set up an infrastructure base enabling the Stelliant team to deploy POCs in agile mode
  • Solutions : Use of cloud-native functionalities to test innovative architectures // Transfer of parts of the IS to AWS to support the way services/applications are consumed
  • The benefits : Autonomy of design and development teams // Cost control
Cloud temple enterprise photo APAVE


  • The challenge Build a hybrid infrastructure base capable of integrating applications from a variety of technologies that meet different business needs.
  • Solutions : Use of native network connectivity between Cloud Temple and Azure for undifferentiated access between clouds // Deployment of an API Manager in Azure for secure, centralised access to all Avril Group application APIs, regardless of landing zone
  • The benefits Expanding the possibilities by getting the best out of each cloud in terms of services, costs and security // Centralised management with sub-billing by application, broken down by BU

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