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Managed services

A trusted partner for production managed services

Our human, organisational and technical resources guarantee that your information system will be maintained in operational conditions 24/7, with certified security and at a cost in line with your challenges. Our experts will help you implement the best practices on the market.

Our SecNumCloud

Focused on our customers' needs, we are able to offer and operate hybrid solutions 24/7 thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise and solid feedback.

Guaranteeing the performance of your information system

Our 200 service centre staff can provide you with 24/7 responsiveness and expertise, but above all they work hard to anticipate, standardise and automate.

The tried-and-tested, coherent set of tools we make available to you (bastion, application monitoring, patch management, FinOps, SOC, etc.) enables us to respond to all your IS issues.

Putting safety at the heart of our approach


SecOps governance is one of the pillars of our outsourcing services, with your Information Security Policy (ISP) drawn up as standard, a monthly vulnerability scan and a dedicated body headed by an ISS manager.

Our security expertise, combined with our mastery of your information system, means you can move forward with peace of mind, with workable solutions tailored to your challenges: bastion, SOC, EDR, awareness and compliance.

Controlling and optimising operating costs

FinOps governance is at the heart of our support approach, with, by default, real-time monitoring using appropriate tools and in-depth analysis during monitoring meetings.

Our teams offer you regular suggestions for optimisation and the implementation of processes to ensure close monitoring and the definition of alert thresholds.

Simplifying innovation with a CCoE


The Cloud Center of Excellence team promotes the use of the cloud, whether through fully cloud-based solutions or hybrid approaches. Its responsibility is to develop the technical roadmap for cloud-related business processes.

The CCoE also ensures that IT choices do not override your organisation's business needs and objectives.

Our service centres

Our Agile approach ensures a smooth transition between our development and operations teams. Thanks to in-depth training, our service centre teams ensure that your information system remains operational, automated and resilient.

Cloud temple enterprise photo operational excellence
5 essential functions

Operational excellence

To guarantee the best possible execution and supervision of systems, our service centre teams are mobilised to :

  • continuous improvement of processes and procedures
  • automating changes
  • responsiveness to events
  • defining standards
Cloud temple enterprise photo efficiency and performance
5 essential functions

Efficiency and performance

To ensure that IT resources are used efficiently, our experts can help you with :

  • selecting the right types and sizes of resources
  • performance monitoring
  • making informed decisions
Cloud temple enterprise photo cost optimisation
5 essential functions

Cost optimisation

To identify unnecessary costs and help you optimise your expenditure, our experts will support you in :

  • understanding and controlling expenditure
  • selecting the most appropriate types of resources
  • match your organisation's needs
Cloud temple enterprise photo datacenter reliability
5 essential functions


To guarantee digital confidence, Cloud Temple is doing everything it can to :

  • the correct and constant fulfilment of the function of each workload
  • workload resilience
  • recovery and change management
Cloud temple enterprise photo security
5 essential functions


To ensure the protection of information and systems, our teams are mobilised to guarantee :

  • data confidentiality and integrity
  • identification and management of privileges
  • systems protection
  • detection of security events

User support

The user experience is at the heart of our approach to IT. As the face of your IT department, the Service Desk provides a single point of contact, managing all requests and incidents to ensure your users are satisfied.

Your helpdesk as close as possible to your employees

  • An excellent welcome for your users

  • Guaranteed responsiveness to requests

  • A high resolution rate from the first contact

  • Understanding your context and challenges

Qualified local services

Successful intervention requires a combination of effective technical treatment and personalised support tailored to each user. We have a real capacity for intervention in mainland France.

Proven expertise


Improving the productivity and satisfaction of your employees is a constant challenge. Our teams of experts can help you with your improvement and empowerment plans: self-service portals, SSO, O365 collaboration tools, etc.

International support

Our Service Desk is available in English and French as standard. For other languages, our web interfaces can be automatically translated. Our network of partners gives us a nationwide and international presence, with a 24/7/365 multilingual approach.

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