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A key player in digital trust

Founded in 2017, Cloud Temple was born with the ambition to democratise public cloud security, without compromising innovation, in order to meet the critical needs of Industry, Finance, Healthcare and the public sphere. Driven by a responsibility Cloud Temple has rapidly established itself as a benchmark in Europe, offering solutions that meet the most demanding standards in terms of cybersecurity and data sovereignty.

Our customers' trust is based on the excellence of our services. That's why our cloud offering adheres to the highest standards, including approachThis qualification has been awarded by ANSSI in France, as well as Health Data Hosting (HDS) and ISO 27001 certification. Our customer support services are also in the process of obtaining PAMS (Prestataire d'Administration et de Maintenance Sécurisée) certification, awarded by ANSSI.

In response to the technological diversity of our customers, we have placed interoperability at the heart of our strategy, enabling our customers to accelerate their innovation projects. This makes it quick and easy to integrate the latest software innovations from hyperscalers into a trusted cloud environment.

Security and performance are sine qua non conditions for confidence in your information system. That's why we provide you with a state-of-the-art cloud environment that meets the highest standards of security and sovereignty in Europe. Our managed services teams can also provide long-term support for your major digital transformations.
Christophe Lesur and Sébastien Lescop, CEOs of Cloud Temple

The very best in safety without compromise

Our trusted cloud complies with the highest security standards in Europe and our managed services are recognised as being of the highest quality by both our customers and our partners.


Our values

A common passion

Our teams share a passion for digital technology and are committed to helping our customers meet the challenges of transformation and resilience.

The obsession withexcellence

Individually and collectively, we strive for continuous improvement to guarantee the excellence of the technologies we use to serve our customers.

A boldness thoughtful

Our boldness drives us towards differentiating and innovative technological solutions in a climate of trust that encourages initiative and creativity.

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