Working at Cloud Temple

Are you motivated to support the digital transformation of businesses and the public sector? Do you want to be part of the adventure of European digital sovereignty? Do you enjoy taking on new challenges and exploring the technologies of tomorrow? Then join the Cloud Temple teams, who work autonomously on cutting-edge topics while building their careers within a learning organisation.

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Talent diversity

Technology is at the heart of transformations in the economic world and in people's lives. That's why we believe that the diversity of IT talent should reflect that of society as a whole. To open up the company to all profiles, we take care to respect fairness and inclusion in our recruitment and career development processes, by combating all forms of discrimination.

Learning company

Maintaining the skills of IT teams at the highest level is a constantly renewed challenge. That's why Cloud Temple is speeding up the process of formalising career paths so that employees can plan their own progress. At the same time, the company encourages employees to take part in a training programme leading to certification, and supports future managers in the acquisition of good managerial practices.

Trust and “open work”

Working at Cloud Temple means signing up to a 'social contract' that encourages autonomy and professional fulfilment through a decentralised and horizontal organisation. To achieve this, the flexibility of the workplace provides a real life balance for our employees. Our partnership with IWG, a leading group in hybrid workspaces, enables them to work as a team close to home, throughout France and elsewhere. It's a model that fosters excellence and creativity, and increases the opportunities for informal encounters.

Great place to work

A culture of mutual support, a climate of trust and respect, a friendly atmosphere, a passion for technology and a shared taste for new challenges: the Cloud Temple teams feel good in the company! They gave Cloud Temple a score of 85/100 in the Great Place to Work Trust Index©. The gender equality index is 78/100. We are focusing our efforts on the areas identified for progress, increasing the percentage of women recruited and speeding up the promotion of women within the company.

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