Microsoft Azure

Our commitment to Microsoft, together with our recognised, cutting-edge expertise in Azure, has helped forge a strategic alliance that is a key player in the market.

An exceptional partner

This special partnership with Microsoft guarantees unique support for your Azure projects.

To support this approach, we have developed specific offerings and integrated a number of high added-value programmes, thanks to a team of Microsoft-certified experts specialising in the design, deployment and management of complex cloud architectures on the Azure platform.

Modernisation and migration to the Azure Cloud

Taking full advantage of the cloud by migrating to Azure means first and foremost embarking on a process of transformation and modernisation.
With Microsoft, we have developed a comprehensive service offering, from "Think" to "Build", to support you every step of the way.

Managed services on Azure

With the rise of the public cloud, automation, DevOps and FinOps are taking on a major role in the management of information systems. Our range of modern, granular managed services responds to these new challenges by combining our experience in ITIL outsourcing with our expertise in DevOps.

Applications "cloud native"


Application development must be able to take place in flexible environments that facilitate upgrades and incorporate pay-per-use concepts. That's why we've designed a "born in the cloud" software development offer to help you meet all these challenges.

Service management and requests
Infrastructure Service System
Requests management X X
Change management X X X
Incident management X X X
Problem management X X X
Reporting X X X

Supervision and governance
Infrastructure Service System
Supervision and alerts X X X
Capacity management X X X
Backup management X X X
FinOps X X

Infrastructure Service System
Patch Management X
Identity and access X X X
Antivirus and EDR X
Security governance X X X
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