The HDS-certified and SecNumCloud-qualified trusted cloud

Securing innovation
and new uses

Health data is at the heart of new digital uses. E-health is everywhere: teleconsultations, connected watches, IoT, etc. The Cloud Temple platform has been designed to offer all the agility and innovation capacity of the cloud, to accelerate the digital transformation programmes of healthcare players.

Hybrid natively, it allows you to take advantage of the best of both worlds: the trusted cloud and the hyperscaler cloud.

Companies and organisations can therefore design the application architecture that best meets their business challenges in terms of critical data security, availability and performance.

Our cloud services are available via CAIH

Combating medical desertification

  • by simplifying access to care through telemedicine
  • by reducing the digital divide

Improving patient care and collaboration

  • by dematerialising exchanges and processes
  • by developing better interoperability of business software

Protecting yourself against cyber attacks

  • by adopting a high level of data protection
  • by choosing an HDS-certified hosting provider

Optimising your medical time

  • by reducing administrative tasks
  • by using connected medical devices
  • by making better use of data (Big Data, AI)

Innovation at the service of people

We support technological innovation and the development of new uses in the healthcare sector. Innovation at the service of people, requiring maximum security and an HDS-qualified partner to guarantee the protection of sensitive data.

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A SecNumCloud-qualified platform, managed with efficient tools

  • Hosting of all your data in mainland France in state-of-the-art data centres in which operations are physically isolated, in accordance with ANSSI requirements.

  • Continuous monitoring of security events, combined with a strong response capability to cyber incidents, as part of our 24/7 operations

  • A console natively integrated to manage all cloud products and services

  • Accelerated Infrastructure-as-Code processes thanks to a comprehensive library of APIs (calculation, storage, backup, supervision, etc.) and its Terraform provider

Why choose
Cloud Temple?

SecNumCloud-qualified trusted cloud

Designed to support the modernisation of your applications and their maintenance in operational conditions, our sovereign hosting service meets the most stringent security requirements on the French and European markets.

Our SecNumCloud solutions

Health Data Hosting (HDS) certification of the entire perimeter

Cloud Temple is now certified for the administration and operation of information systems containing health data (activity 5), in addition to activities 2, 3, 4 and 6, for which it was awarded HDS certification in 2022.

Cloud service available
via the CAIH

Cloud Temple's trusted cloud is easily accessible via CAIH's "Consulting, support and hosted infrastructures for healthcare data" cloud market.

The CAIH market

Being supported by experts

Our experts analyse the opportunities and risks of your cloud transformation and help you build your optimal path. The proximity of our teams to your business means we can respond as closely as possible to your needs.

Our consultancy expertise
Players handling healthcare data need a partner capable of meeting all their security and sovereignty challenges. As a SecNumCloud-qualified platform, our criteria of excellence are unique on the market.
Christophe Lesur, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Temple

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