Audit and consulting

Organisational and compliance audits

Through our SecNumCloud, ISO 27001 and HDS qualifications and certifications, and the ISAE 3402 audit process, we have developed recognised expertise in compliance with the most demanding French standards. Prior to the compliance process, we carry out a diagnostic of your organisation's cyber security governance and processes.

ISO 27001
ISAE 3402

Architecture and operating files

Safety management process

Compliance with a standard

Technical audits

The technical security audit of your IS aims to check that it complies with best security practices and to identify any vulnerabilities. This audit, based on an analysis of configurations, logs and documentation, covers all the key components of your infrastructure.


Network equipment

Operating systems

Virtualisation infrastructures

Public cloud infrastructures


Intrusion tests

We carry out manual and automated penetration tests on your IS and web applications, in "black box" or "grey box" conditions, to assess their resistance to attack and identify any vulnerabilities. In both cases, the results of the penetration tests are analysed by our experts to suggest remedial measures. Penetration tests of mobile applications and tests in "white box" conditions can also be carried out.

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