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Cloud transformation

Digital transformation, accelerating your development

Digital transformation is a major factor in resilience and a powerful accelerator of development for businesses and organisations.

Our experts can help you implement the best practices on the market to drive your transformation plan, from Build to Run phases, through our architecture, application modernisation and Ops support services.

Recognised by Markess as leader in managed cloud services in France, Cloud Temple is also Azure Expert MSP accreditation by Microsoft.

Definition of the architecture

Our team of architects will design a robust, agile cloud infrastructure that meets your organisation's needs as closely as possible.

Cloud Adoption Framework

Cloud Temple's approach, based on Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework, is applicable regardless of the type of cloud solution chosen for your organisation: public, private or hybrid. By adopting a business approach, we put the technical aspects at the service of your organisation's business challenges.

Definition of landing zones

We work closely with your teams to create strategic deployment spaces, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Through meticulous planning and precise configuration, we ensure that your Landing Zones are optimised for efficient management, enhanced security and seamless scalability of your cloud operations.

Hybrid architectures

We design hybrid strategies that seamlessly integrate public and private cloud environments, giving you the flexibility you need to optimise your operations.

Multi-cloud architectures

By combining the resources of several providers in a multi-cloud architecture approach, we help you get the best out of each cloud for your data and applications.

Application transformation

We'll help you modernise and transform your applications and establish a native cloud strategy.


With the containerisation strategy, our aim is to make your software development easier, by working in functional bricks that can be updated and changed individually without any overall impact on the application.

Micro-services architectures

We help you build your microservices architectures so that you can deploy, update and evolve each service independently.

Cloud-native application transformation

We rethink and re-architect your applications to make the most of the cloud. Our aim? To transform your legacy applications into more modern, dynamic solutions that adapt to your changing business challenges.

Help in choosing PaaS and SaaS solutions

We analyse your business, resilience and compliance needs to guide you towards the PaaS or SaaS solutions that optimise your operational efficiency while minimising management complexity.

Ops support

Because operational efficiency is at the heart of Cloud Temple's approach, our experts cover the key Ops areas.

Operational efficiency at the heart of our approach

  • FinOps
    Control your cloud costs and optimise resources

  • GreenOps
    Adopting more environmentally-friendly practices

  • DevOps
    Encourage collaboration between development and operations teams

  • SecOps
    Strengthen the security of your architecture without slowing down workloads

  • DevSecOps
    Integrating safety from the start of the development cycle

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