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Bastion host

Transparent, centralised access control for robust protection of your infrastructure

Reinforcing your security

The bastion host provides a secure, central point of entry for accessing the sensitive resources of your infrastructure. The equipment and services managed via the bastion host are not exposed to the Internet, which protects them from brute force attacks and malware port scans.

Centralise access management

The bastion host can be reached directly from Cloud Temple's console. It provides secure RDP or SSH connectivity to your physical and virtual infrastructures, whether they are located in the trusted cloud, in a public cloud or on premise.

Managing infrastructure - as code

APIs are used to manage Cloud Temple's bastion host entirely "as Code", enabling equipment to be added, connected, modified and deleted.

Increase traceability

Each access session via the bastion host is recorded, providing full traceability of actions taken for audit and compliance purposes


of streams

Recording sessions
Systematic and unstoppable


Log of all actions

Up to 50 pieces of equipment per appliance


Work units Unit Unit price per month Commitment
ADMINISTRATION - Bastion SSH & RDP - 50 devices maximum 1 appliance 190,00 €
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Use cases

Remote access management

The Bastion host security solution acts as a secure gateway to your infrastructures, via a single reinforced access point. You can manage access authorisations and limit entry points to your systems, reducing the risk of intrusion.

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Use cases

Protection against cyber-attacks

By using the bastion host, you create an extra layer of defence to protect your sensitive data from cyber-attacks. No public IP address is required: using the bastion host allows you to open a more secure RDP/SSH connection using a private IP address.

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Use cases

Creating external access to your organisation

You can offer temporary, controlled access to your suppliers and partners while continuously monitoring security, directly from thevCloud Temple's console. Log generation provides full traceability for audit and compliance purposes.

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