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API - Terraform - Metrics

A single interface for viewing and managing your Cloud Temple products and services, support tickets, service monitoring and much more.

A real cockpit

Cloud Temple's single console lets you control all your products: virtual machines, servers, applications... whether in the trusted cloud, the public cloud (Azure and AWS) or on-premise.

360° supervision

The notification aggregation engine gathers and consolidates all the alerts generated by your third-party tools. The console gives you a complete, unified view of your entire infrastructure, so you can quickly spot problems and take action.

State-of-the-art assistance

The console lets you manage incident tickets and service requests, with the Response and Resolution times of your service agreement calculated in real time. It also facilitates document sharing between your teams and Cloud Temple.

Deployment in just a few minutes

Your Infrastructure-as-Code processes are accelerated thanks to a comprehensive library of APIs (calculation, storage, backup, supervision, etc.) and its Terraform provider.


API first
Compatible with OpenAPI specifications

Developer experience
Developer portal, Python SDK, GO

Web responsive

Bring your Own Identity Provider (OidC and SAML)

Provider Terraform


Work units Unit Unit price per month Commitment
Access to the console Included in all our products
Cloud temple enterprise photo editor and trusted partners
Use cases

Automation and infra-as-code

Our console is infra-as-code oriented, offering seamless integration via APIs and the Terraform provider. You benefit from a library of pre-configured virtual machine templates and the ability to set up automated backups to secure your data.

Cloud temple enterprise photo governance risk and compliance management
Use cases

Proactive performance monitoring

With real-time visualisation of metrics for your systems, applications and resources, you can monitor key indicators to assess the health and responsiveness of your cloud environments. You can anticipate performance problems, avoid costly downtime and guarantee an optimal user experience.

Cloud temple enterprise photo security
Use cases

Compliance and safety

Security is our priority. Our console is designed to secure access to the platform with a strong authentication system and controlled access via Bastion servers. You can manage your resources with confidence, knowing that your data is protected in accordance with the SecNumCloud repository.

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