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As a Microsoft partner, Cloud Temple has a solid expertise in Microsoft solutions for over 15 years. We have therefore naturally combined this expertise with our knowledge of the AWS platform to support our customers in the migration from their Microsoft environments to AWS.

Implementing a migration strategy for your Microsoft workloads allows you to truly transform your approach and the way you use Windows on a daily basis.

This approach will allow you to quickly reap the benefits of migrating Windows instances to AWS :

  • Make it easier to manage your Microsoft licences.
  • Take advantage of managed and highly available services integrating windows.
  • Leverage AWS Tooling for .NET, Lambda, CodeDeploy, S3 & Auto Scaling Groups
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improve safety and performance without over-investing
  • Facilitate changes and scaling

Our cloud migration services

We have developed a set of skills over the entire migration cycle up to run.


Going through this process, we help you access the right trajectory in terms of migration to the cloud for your Microsoft workloads.


Cloud Temple supports you in optimising your Microsoft workloads on AWS on topics such as Licensing migration, performance issues, re-sizing, configuration, etc...


By relying on Microsoft AWS services, we offer you a real process for modernizing your workloads such as .Net app refactoring, SQL data base modernization, Serverless, etc...


We can help you operate your Microsoft production workloads through a range of services such as DevOps, FinOps, Windows OS and SQL management.


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