Security in software development

Security in software development

Cloud Temple has adopted the DevSecOps culture, which advocates close collaboration between the “devs”, the “ops” and the Security team.

The approach is articulated in 3 axes:

Shift security to the left
Training coders in secure development, thinking about security at the very beginning of projects

Automate security controls
The automatic test panel integrates static and dynamic code analysis tools

Designate Safety Champions
Promote safety relays among Dev and Ops team members. These “champions” become referents on security issues.

Security in service provision

Security in service provision

With its ISO 27001 certification, Cloud Temple has an extensive body of security policies, processes and procedures. All of Cloud Temple’s employees are made aware of this through an internal e-learning portal. This contributes to the creation of a strong safety culture at all levels of the company.

ISO 27001
An internal security training portal
Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Through the Cyber Threat Intelligence service, Cloud Temple aims to help customers anticipate and detect cyber threats related to their exposure.
Polyglot analysts crisscross the different layers of the Internet, and in particular the dark web, looking for indicators of compromise, data leakage and abusive uses of brands.

Anticipate and detect cyber threats
Keep in mind


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