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The Apave Group, a specialist in the control of technical, human, environmental and digital risks, supports companies through major technological changes and revolutions. Today, the Apave Group employs 13,000 people in 318 branches, training centres and industrial test centres in 50 countries around the world. The company expects to achieve sales of €1 billion by 2022.

In 2015, to accelerate its growth and strengthen the security of its IT infrastructures, the Group chose Cloud Temple. Its mission is to provide step-by-step support for the complete overhaul of infrastructures, combining resilience, flexibility and performance.

With Cloud Temple, we have found not only a specialist in cloud transformation, but also an agile and dynamic partner capable of working with us to devise the most appropriate solutions. The teams have a truly customer-centric mindset. We share the ambition of building a long-term path together, starting with IaaS and gradually moving towards PaaS.

Sacha Lukic, CIO of the Apave Group

Over the years, Cloud Temple has enabled the Apave Group to rationalise its infrastructure model and thus better control its IT expenditure - notably by dividing the number of virtual machines by three - thereby refocusing its resources on its core business.

The migration of Apave's entire infrastructure has been completed, and Cloud Temple now operates the Apave Group's IS via its service centres. The collaboration is now focused on transforming Apave's information system, by replatforming the architecture to use cloud-native functions, and refactoring applications.

To find out more, visit the replay of the testimony of Sacha Lukic, CIO of the Apave Group in the big Thémas - Le Monde Informatique.

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