User assistance

The IT experience of your users is key : attracting and sustaining talent, improving productivity, improving the comfort of your employees, BYOD, mobility, etc. The Service Desk is your CIO’s showcase. It is the single point of contact, for your users, that processes their requests and incidents end-to-end.
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Controlling expenses, having the right services or ensuring full visibility of its costs are now essential to ensure a good adoption and sustainability of the cloud in the company. Find out how Cloud Temple can help you do this.
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Cloud Temple strongly believes that security must be embedded in all operational activities. This requires a continuous effort of training and awareness of the teams, taking into account the specificities of each business line.
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24/7 operation

With over 15 years of experience in production outsourcing, Cloud Temple is a trusted IT partner. The human and technical means at your disposal guarantee you the 24/7 maintenance of your IS, security and cost aligned to your challenges. Cloud Temple helps you put in place the best market practices to drive your transformation plan: defining your cloud landing zones, using cloud adoption frameworks and setting up your CCOE (Cloud Center of Excellence).
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