Combining security and innovation

Combining security and innovation

Cloud Temple’s data hosting platform, qualified SecNumCloud by ANSSI, offers the highest standards of security and sovereignty. Our services thus meet the sovereignty requirements of public actors while encouraging the transformation of organizations.

Cloud Temple accompanies you in building the application heritage of tomorrow, facilitating the digitalization of businesses and services expected by agents and users, and this without compromise on security and data integrity.

Cloud Temple is invested in meeting your challenges:

  • Proximity to professions, to respond as closely as possible to the needs of actors in the field and users,
  • A demand for responsibility, to face the environmental challenges set by administrations and communities,
  • An « as a service » approach, which integrates the challenges of controlling the human and financial resources of organizations.

We offer you end-to-end support in your Cloud digital transformation, with a pay as you use solution which is highly available and highly secur

The challenges of digital sovereignty

In 2020, in France, 20% of ransomware victims were local authorities
Source : Institut Choiseul
66% of French people believe that digital public services are too complex
59% of local public services are available online compared to 85% of central administration services
Source : Capgemini
Ensure digital sovereignty
Protect yourself from cyber attacks
Accelerate innovation through the adoption of cloud
Create a French sector of excellence

Your challenges

« Making better use of public data means improving the daily lives of French people. »

Ministry of Transformation and Public Service, Roadmap 2021-2023

Our answer

Meet the challenges of digital transformation with a secure platform, fully automated and managed with efficient tools.

  • The hosting of strictly all data in mainland France, in state-of-the-art data centers in which Cloud Temple's operations are physically isolated
  • The highly secure hosting of data, and applications processing sensitive data, corresponding to the SecNumCloud qualified IaaS responsibility model, without depriving yourself of outsourcing possibilities
  • A continuous monitoring of security events, combined with a strong cyber incident response capability
  • A native CMP (Cloud Management Platform) that allows the automated management of all cloud services
  • Accelerated Infrastructure-as-Code approaches, thanks to a complete library of APIs (calculation, storage, backup, supervision, etc.) and its Terraform provider
Our answer
Health data hosting

Health data hosting

La plateforme Cloud Temple est certifiée pour l’hébergement des données de santé. La certification HDS, décernée par l’AFNOR, confirme que les solutions de Cloud Temple garantissent la confidentialité, l'intégrité et la disponibilité des données personnelles de santé dont disposent nos clients.

Découvrir notre solution HDS
Un service cloud disponible via l’UGAP

Un service cloud disponible via l’UGAP

L’offre de cloud externe de Cloud Temple est désormais accessible avec le marché « Services d’informatique en nuage » de l’UGAP et de Capgemini.

En savoir plus sur l'UGAP

Our sovereign cloud prices. SecNumcloud Public sector

Conçu pour héberger vos applications sensibles et accompagner votre transformation numérique sans compromis sur la sécurité, notre plateforme cloud industriel répond aux plus fortes exigences de performance, de résilience et de sécurité sur le marché européen.

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