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EDF Renouvelables entrusted the hosting and operation of its Exchange On Premise platform on Cloud Temple's Private Cloud, managed within an Active Directory resource forest separate from the company's Active Directory user forest. EDF Renouvelables naturally turned to Cloud Temple to migrate its email platform, Exchange 2013, comprising 2,500 users in 21 separate Domains, to the Microsoft Public Cloud, and more specifically Exchange Online, Office 365. 

Cloud Temple has recognised expertise in migrating ZIMBRA OpenSource platforms to Public Cloud solutions, and the use of CloudIway tools is essential for these projects. The CloudIway tools enable migration batches to be defined, adapted to the structure of the customer's Exchange organisation, transfers to be automated and the completion of the various copies (initial, incremental) to be monitored. 

Cloud Temple set out its roadmap for the successful completion of this migration, respecting the customer's constraints (technical, time and organisational). A successful migration is transparent to the organisation, so as not to impact its productivity. 

It is essential to understand that the implementation of services in the public Cloud faces considerable challenges, such as the need to improve the availability and latency of access to services, scalability in development processes and the identification of potential security problems in the Cloud. Security remains the main obstacle to migration to the public cloud. Cloud service providers such as Microsoft, AWS and Google have met the highest security standards in many sectors, in order to guarantee the security of the data entrusted to them by their customers. 

The project took 4 months to complete and the changeover of each of the messaging domains took place for the most part during working hours with minimal impact on users. The volume and organisation of the mailboxes at EDF Renouvelables are highly variable, but there are a number of parameters in the solution that allow us to adjust throughputs and control transfer times. 

Are you thinking of migrating to the Public Cloud and would you like to discuss it? Share your thoughts with us?Contact us for more information. 

Testimony of Norbert Lacombe 
Project Director@ Cloud Temple-linkedin  

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