The cloud of confidence, certified HDS and qualified SecNumCloud

The cloud of confidence, certified HDS and qualified SecNumCloud

Cloud Temple offers a platform that is both HDS certified and SecNumCloud qualified by ANSSI. Our customers thus benefit from the best French standards of security and sovereignty for their health data.

Christophe Lesur

« Actors who process health data need a partner capable of meeting all their security and sovereignty issues. As a qualified SecNumCloud platform, our criteria of excellence are unique on the market. »

Christophe Lesur, Managing Director

Securing innovation and new uses

Health data is at the heart of new digital uses. E-health is everywhere: teleconsultations, connected watches, IoT, etc. Cloud Temple's platform was designed to deliver all the agility and innovation capacity of the cloud, to accelerate customers' digital transformation programs. Natively hybridized, it allows you to benefit simply from the best of both worlds: the cloud of confidence and the cloud of hyperscalers. Companies and organizations can thus design the application architecture that will best meet their business challenges in terms of critical data security, availability and performance.

The challenges for health actors

Health Establishments

Health Establishments

  • Control the costs associated with migrating your information systems to the cloud.
  • Secure the sharing of medical records between departments.
  • Modernize your applications processing sensitive data.
Health and mutual insurance

Health and mutual insurance

  • Gain agility in your interactions with your customers.
  • Improve the efficiency of your healthcare reimbursement processes.
  • Reinforce the fight against fraud and protect your sensitive data
  • Protect your sensitive data.
Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Accelerate product innovation.
  • Facilitate the collaboration of your teams.
  • Make optimal use of your clinical tests
Research and development

Research and development

  • Benefit from the power of the cloud to make greater use of health data
  • Develop the drugs of tomorrow.
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Our answer

Meet the challenges of digital transformation with a secure platform, fully automated and managed with efficient tools.

  • The presence in France of all the technical and human resources necessary to deliver cloud services.
  • State-of-the-art security and SecNumCloud qualified services.
  • Expert technical teams to guarantee the success of our clients' digital transformations.
  • Automated management of all our cloud services.
  • Accelerated Infrastructure-as-Code approaches thanks to a complete library of APIs (calculation, storage, backup, supervision, etc.) and to its Terraform provider.
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