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As part of the series Les Belles pratiques du Cloud, in partnership with UGAP and Capgemini, Christophe Lesur, CEO of Cloud Temple, was invited to the Acteurs publics studio. Discover how Cloud Temple guarantees digital confidence by placing security and sovereignty at the heart of public organizations’ information systems.

Public Sector: Conflicting Stakes

Public actors are faced with three injunctions that may seem contradictory:

  • transform and dematerialize by using digital technology to effectively deliver public service missions and give citizens simplified access to services.
  • guarantee the security of their information systems. Yet dematerialization makes organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks, as evidenced by the recent explosion in data theft and computer lockouts suffered by local governments.
  • through sovereignty, guarantee the regalian functions of the state and protect sensitive public service data from extraterritorial laws.

Cloud Temple reconciles transformation and security 

Cloud Temple supports public organizations in these challenges. Its business is to transform information systems by guaranteeing best practices in security and sovereignty. To achieve this, Cloud Temple has more than 15 years of experience, 7 regional service centers, 300+ cloud engineers, 5000+ operated applications, 500+ cloud transformation projects.

An IaaS platform that meets the highest French standards

Cloud Temple has built a cloud platform that complies with the government’s security and sovereignty policy. The French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) has attested to this through its SecNumCloud qualification. To integrate the ANSSI requirements into the very heart of its infrastructure, Cloud Temple has mobilized 20 engineers over a period of two and a half years. The trusted cloud platform is also certified for hosting health data (HDS) and holds the ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 labels.

A trusted cloud that meets the needs of public actors

Beyond the respect of these standards, safety is also :

  • performance: technology choices and partnerships implemented with players like Cisco and IBM allow Cloud Temple to carry workloads (SAP S/4Hana, HR applications, finance …) that are very demanding in terms of performance.
  • availability: Cloud Temple guarantees 24/7 availability of websites and applications so that users can access services anywhere and anytime, and operates, for example, the CNED platforms or even the technical platform for first-year medical exams.
  • integrity: Cloud Temple protects, for example, the data of a national scientific institute through an easily controllable, automated and ultra-secure solution.

Digital sobriety: the new challenge of the public sphere

Cloud Temple takes the issue of digital sobriety very seriously and its challenge is to help business departments make their processes more energy efficient. Cloud Temple’s tools are capable of targeting an application, quantifying the consumption of each of its uses and highlighting levers for reduction. The teams are also able to help public sector organizations to right-size their cloud resources in real time. For example, by switching off certain servers at night. Finally, Cloud Temple can carry out more structural migrations, which will have a much greater impact. These consist of optimizing the application architecture itself: replatforming and refactoring.

Choosing Cloud Temple with the UGAP market

Cloud Temple’s external cloud offering is now available through the “Cloud Computing Services” market of the UGAP and Capgemini. Through this contract, the public sector now has easy and economical access to the cloud, thanks to a simplified procedure that respects the public procurement framework and avoids the need for dedicated calls for tender.

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