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Virtual machines

Your virtual machines in a trusted cloud environment
with SecNumCloud qualification and HDS certification

Industrialisation and automation

SecNumCloud-qualified and HDS-certified, Cloud Temple's trusted cloud offering guarantees for your virtual machines a fully automated environment and state-of-the-art logical security.

Manage your cloud with Terraform

With its Terraform provider, Cloud Temple's trusted cloud offers maximum flexibility to deploy your IT resources on demand within your automated deployment pipelines.

Developing your architecture

Whether you need a few extra virtual machines or want to increase your computing capacity, our solution is scalable and adjusts to meet your requirements.

Combining predictability and safety

Fully automated, your trusted cloud is dedicated to you for computing, networking, storage, or backup. You have complete control over the behavior and billing of your infrastructure.


99.99% monthly

Dedicated virtual stack

IBM Flash storage
500 Iops/To to 15000 Iops/TB

Network and connectivity
Extended L2 via Juniper VPLS technology

CISCO UCS calculation
Dedicated physical blades 20 to 56 cores

Dedicated RAM
from 128GB to 1.5TB


Work units Unit Unit price per month Commitment
CALCULATION - VMWARE:V2:ECO - 20 Cores / 40 Threads - 2.2Ghz (Intel Silver 4114 or equivalent) - 128GB ram included - max 384GB 1 Blade 128GB 1 102,80 € 1 month
CALCULATION - VMWARE:V2:STD - 32 Cores / 64 Threads - 2.4Ghz (Intel Silver 4314 or equivalent) - 128GB ram included - max 384GB 1 Blade 128GB 1 334,73 € 1 month
CALCULATION - VMWARE:V2:ADV - 48 Cores / 96 Threads - 2.8Ghz (Intel Gold 6342 or equivalent) - 128 GB ram included - max 768GB 1 Blade 128GB 1 652,91 € 1 month
CALCULATION - VMWARE:V2:PERF1 - 16 Cores / 32 Threads - 3,2Ghz (Intel 53I5Y or equivalent) - 128GB ram included - max 384GB 1 Blade 128GB 1 701,88 € 1 month
CALCULATION - VMWARE:V2:PERF2 - 36 Cores / 72 Threads - 3,0Ghz (Intel Gold 6354 or equivalent) - 128 GB ram included - max 768GB 1 Blade 128GB 2 095,08 € 1 month
CALCULATION - VMWARE:V2:PERF3 - 56 Cores / 112 Threads - 2,6Ghz (Intel 6348 or equivalent) - 128GB ram included - max 1536GB 1 Blade 128GB 2 500,76 € 1 month
CALCULATION - Additional dedicated RAM 1 GiB 3,76 € 1 month
Cloud temple enterprise photo application deployment
Use cases

Faster deployment of your applications

Industrial management simplifies provisioning, deployment and scaling of resources. Designed to be part of a digital transformation programme, Cloud Temple's offering gives you the tools to deploy your applications in an automated way via our API and our provider Terraform.

Cloud temple photo hosting of critical and sensitive services
Use cases

Hosting critical and sensitive services

Cloud Temple's range of virtual machines, which is qualified approach and certified HDS, is designed to operate natively in business continuity scenarios. The flexible network architecture of your trusted cloud allows you to distribute your workloads across our Availability Zones (AZ) within a region in a way that is totally transparent for your applications. The trusted cloud guarantees that backups are on a physical site separate from production.

cloud temple enterprise photo information systems
Use cases

Interconnecting your information systems

The trusted cloud is intended for seamless integration into your information system. It enables effortless interconnection of your various points of presence, facilities, branches, and partners, ensuring simplicity and reliability without incurring additional transaction costs.

Use cases


Tailored for critical workloads, the trusted cloud is engineered to provide you with maximum predictability of your infrastructure's behavior and cost management. With dedicated resources, you have full control over the technical architecture, virtualization rates, and application segmentation, allowing you to optimize your licensing costs. You also have control over your business continuity scenarios, whether with or without degraded operation.

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