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Object storage

The scalable, cost-effective storage solution for your unstructured data

Available Q1 2024

Transparent scalability

Our solution is built upon a horizontally scalable architecture, designed to address your increasing needs. The architecture seamlessly adapts to the growth in your consumption.

Easy access to data

Organise and access your unstructured data easily through unique identifiers. Object storage enables efficient searching and rapid access.

Durability and redundancy

Your data is automatically replicated across three Availability Zones (AZ) to guarantee durability and availability, even in the event of hardware failure.

Cost savings

Object storage provides a cost-effective solution for large datasets, with expenses determined by the actual capacity utilized. Outgoing data transfer is streamlined, eliminating egress fees.


Data availability
Up to 99.9%

S3 compatibility
API and functionalities

Data protection
Native encryption

Up to 100Gb/s output

Availability zones
3 SecNumCloud AZ

Supported clients
All compatible S3 clients (AWS-CLI, S3CMD, minio-CLI, etc.)


Work units Unit Unit price per month Commitment
STOCKAGE S3 - Region FR1 - Redundancy 3 availability zones (including outgoing fair used 3:1) 1 GiB 0,025 € 1 month
STOCKAGE S3 - Region FR1 - incoming internal traffic 1 GiB including 1 month
STOCKAGE S3 - Region FR1 - outgoing internal traffic 1 GiB including 1 month
STOCKAGE S3 - Region FR1 - incoming public traffic 1 GiB including 1 month
STORAGE S3 - Region FR1 - outgoing public traffic (fair used read/write 10:1) 1 TiB including 1 month
Use cases

Development of cloud-native applications

Application developers are increasingly adopting cloud-native architectures, based on microservices and containers. Object storage offers a flexible and scalable solution for storing the data used by these applications. Object interfaces and metadata simplify data management and access, which is crucial for seamless integration into dynamic cloud environments.

Organisational and compliance audits
Use cases

Easy to manage and search

Businesses generate a massive amount of unstructured data over time, including documents, images, videos, and more. Object storage enables the organized and accessible storage of these assets, providing detailed metadata for efficient searching and seamless distribution.

Cloud temple enterprise photo operational excellence
Use cases

Backup and recovery in the event of an incident

Backup and disaster recovery strategies demand reliable solutions for storing copies of critical data. Object storage provides an ideal option due to its built-in redundancy and capability to manage large volumes of data. Businesses can store backups and snapshots of their systems and applications to ensure swift recovery.

Cloud temple enterprise photo datacenter reliability
Use cases

Long-term data storage

Utilizing object storage for long-term storage allows data to be economically retained while ensuring accessibility. Data can be automatically migrated to lower-cost storage tiers over time, while remaining easily accessible as needed.

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