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Hyperscalers connectivity - Private network - Internet access

Connection options to meet your security, scale, and hybridisation needs

Private network

Extend private networks between different Cloud Temple Availability Zones (AZs). This allows your instances to communicate privately, regardless of which Cloud Temple AZ they are located in. Your network traffic is separated from public traffic, providing advanced isolation for your sensitive applications and data, strengthening overall security.

Direct connectivity

With our direct connectivity solution, benefit from optimal data transfer speeds. Eliminate delays, latency and slowdowns with direct connectivity between your AZs and your various sites, and protect your organisation's sensitive data from cyber threats.

Public cloud connectivity

Thanks to our public cloud connectivity offer, you can use workloads hosted on hybrid environments, mixing the trusted cloud and the public cloud of Cloud Temple's major hyperscaler partners. It's the best of both worlds.


Up to 99%

Extension to all Cloud Temple products

Data protection
Physical encryption of links between AZ

Up to 100Gb/s

Less than 2 ms between AZ




Cloud temple photo integration of security solutions and managed services
Use cases
Hybrid cloud infrastructures

If you have adopted a hybrid cloud approach, the private network offers an ideal solution for securely linking your on-premise resources to your cloud services. Sensitive data can be transferred reliably between environments without exposing critical information to the potential vulnerabilities of the public Internet.

Intrusion tests
Use cases
Exchange of sensitive data

The private network offers a secure and reliable way of sharing data between your different departments and teams. Confidential data can be exchanged without fear of unauthorised interception.

Cloud temple enterprise photo application modernisation
Use cases
Interconnecting your remote sites

For businesses and organisations that exchange large amounts of data between the cloud and their various sites, direct connectivity provides more performance and security than a standard internet connection. Critical applications benefit from constant bandwidth availability.

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