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Virtual machines, agent and tape backups

Differentiated backup solutions tailored to your challenges and environments

Backing up virtual machines

Built on the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus solution, this easy-to-use, native, non-disruptive cross-backup architecture automates backup processes and optimises mass storage space.

Agent backup

Advanced backup agents are available for complex environments, such as very large file servers, SAP, databases, etc. Cloud Temple offers advanced data backup mechanisms including compression, source deduplication, and encryption.

Tape outsourcing

To meet the needs of sensitive data protection, disaster recovery and archiving, Cloud Temple relies on Iron Mountain for tape outsourcing. LTO magnetic tapes are disconnected from online networks, encrypted and tamper-proof, and stored outside production AZs.


Data protection
Native encryption

Native cross-backups (3 AZ)

Disks, object or tape storage


Configurable backup policy

Pilot Dashboard

Up to 1 Tb/h


Use cases
Disaster recovery plans

Backups are stored in a different Availability Zone (AZ) from the one hosting the virtual machine. This provides protection in the event of a major fault in the production AZ by relying on a secondary AZ for disaster recovery and migration. This backup can be a key element of an effective Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

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Use cases
Backup of complex environments

Some specific applications, characterised by their complexity, require agent-based backup to guarantee the consistency of data and transactions. This is the case, for example, with applications such as e-mail, ERP and relational databases.

iron mountain
Use cases
Protection against crypto-locking

Tapes can be used to externalise a cold backup outside a production AZ. If an information system is encrypted, an outsourced backup can be used to restore it in complete security, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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