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The obligation to use electronic invoicing in business-to-business transactions will come into force from 1 January September 2026. French publisher EsaLink, a specialist in the digitisation of B2B data flows, has chosen to back its solution with Cloud Temple's secure, sovereign infrastructure base.

Paris, 9 November 2023 - Designed to lighten the administrative burden on businesses, combat VAT fraud and steer economic policy with real-time knowledge of business activity, electronic invoicing is a key measure in the digital transformation sought by the government. From 2026 (see timetable below), this obligation will gradually be imposed on all VAT-registered businesses established in France.

As part of the process of registering with the DGFiP to become one of the French State's Partner Dematerialisation Platforms (PDP), EsaLink has chosen to meet data security requirements by relying on the infrastructure of Cloud Temple, qualified SecNumCloud by the ANSSI since March 2022. Cloud Temple will host the innovative HUBTIMIZE® E-INVOICING electronic invoicing solution developed by EsaLink.

A trusted partnership to protect company data

A guarantee of excellence, this partnership with Cloud Temple reinforces EsaLink's commitment to protecting companies' accounting and tax data. The HUBTIMIZE® platform offers a leading ISO 27001-certified solution for tax-compliant electronic data interchange (EDI). By relying on Cloud Temple's trusted cloud, EsaLink guarantees its customers hosting that complies with over 700 security, robustness, performance and sovereignty criteria.

The integration of the HUBTIMIZE® solution on the Cloud Temple platform will be facilitated by the fact that the two French players operate in a common technological environment, thanks to their security-focused design and their technological partnership with IBM. By joining Cloud Temple's trusted SaaS marketplace, EsaLink will be able to meet the data security requirements of the new regulations ahead of schedule and support businesses looking for trusted players to help them make the transition.

Faced with the challenges posed by the reform of electronic invoicing in France, our alliance with Cloud Temple represents a strategic step forward in securing B2B operations. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to providing a reliable infrastructure that complies with the highest standards of security and digital sovereignty. At EsaLink, we are determined to support our customers with a solution that not only meets legal requirements, but also anticipates future needs in financial digitalisation. The synergy between EsaLink's technical expertise and Cloud Temple's state-of-the-art infrastructure is the foundation of our promise: a smooth and secure transition to electronic invoicing for businesses of all sizes.

Eser Sarikan, CEO of EsaLink


The adoption of electronic invoicing is a major milestone for French businesses, and we are delighted that EsaLink has chosen Cloud Temple to guarantee the security and availability of its customers' data. In all sectors of the economy, innovating and offering new digital experiences is essential to keep businesses competitive at the highest level. Through its Trusted Cloud Accelerator programme, Cloud Temple is encouraging the growth and creativity of software publishers by accelerating their transformation towards trusted digital services.

Christophe Lesur, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Temple

The Finance Act for 2024 sets out the new timetable for the introduction of electronic invoicing:

- The 1er September 2026 for large companies (instead of 1 September 2026).er July 2024)

- The 1er September 2026 for ETIs (instead of 1er January 2025)

- The 1er September 2027 for SMEs and micro-businesses (instead of 1 September 2027).er January 2026).

Within this timeframe, the companies concerned will have to issue all their invoices in electronic form and transmit their transaction and payment data. SMEs and micro-enterprises will have to be able to receive electronic invoices from 1 January September 2026.

About EsaLink

EsaLink is focusing its expertise on B2B data integration, positioning itself as a key French player in helping companies meet their dematerialisation challenges.

With recognised 360° expertise in EDI and e-invoicing, EsaLink is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer. Its flagship solution, HUBTIMIZE®, powered by IBM certified technologies, is developed to the highest standards of security, performance and compliance.

The aim is to provide businesses with a modern, comprehensive and intuitive e-invoicing platform. With its focus on user experience and commitment to operational excellence, EsaLink is ISO27001 certified and stands out as a reliable partner for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to respond with agility to the demands of tomorrow.

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About Cloud Temple

As a leading player in the European trusted cloud, Cloud Temple provides long-term support for the digital transformation of businesses and public sector organisations, delivering a state-of-the-art cloud environment that meets the highest standards of security, performance and sovereignty. Its cloud platform is SecNumCloud-qualified by ANSSI, HDS-certified and ISO 27001-certified.

Its Trusted Cloud Accelerator programme expands the footprint of the trusted cloud by integrating European vendors of secure solutions into its Trusted SaaS marketplace.

With over 300 employees across France, Cloud Temple is a subsidiary of the Neurones group.

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