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Publié le 12/07/2023 par Sébastien Lescop, Managing Director of Cloud Temple

If European cloud solutions are to establish themselves as credible and solid alternatives to the major hyperscalers, trusted digital players must learn to work as a team to represent their interests together.

That's why Cloud Temple and around twenty other French companies have co-signed an article in La Tribune expressing their support for the cloud component of the bill to "secure and regulate the digital space".

An appeal to members of parliament

On 4 July, the Senate began examining the SREN bill, articles 7 and 8 of which seek to remove the financial, technical, commercial and contractual barriers imposed by the dominant players, to the detriment of their customers' freedom of choice.

We encourage the government and parliamentarians with a long-standing commitment to digital sovereignty to maintain and strengthen these new legal instruments, in line with the findings of the French Competition Authority.

By re-establishing a balance in the cloud market, they will give French players the opportunity to show that they are better value for money:

  • on values, with real guarantees of transparency and data protection
  • on safety, complying with the most demanding standards
  • on the social and environmental impact of their activities
Digital sovereignty
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