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Published on 12/16/2022 by Jérôme Vu Than, Technical Director, Cloud Temple Managed Services

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We conclude our "Cloud Trends 2023" series with 3 episodes devoted to deciphering the low-code / no-code, BIG Data and AI trends... and a hot topic: the attraction of talents !

Episode #10: Low-code and no-code

Are low-code and no-code the future of IT? We talk to you about this beneficial democratisation, but which is not without risks.

Episode #11: Big data and AI 

Data and AI will once again be at the heart of the cloud challenges of 2023. We now have all the solutions we need to harness these strategic IT tools in a way that is both efficient and useful for businesses.

Episode #12: Talent

To conclude this overview of the major trends in the cloud in 2023, we have chosen to devote the final episode to the heart of our business: talent. The market is still tight, and we all need to make an effort to attract and above all retain our talent, which is more vital than ever.

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