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Published on 01/10/2024 by Christophe Lesur, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Temple

To project their ambitions and build their long-term trajectory, company directors need clarity. And yet, the economic horizon has never seemed so foggy, littered with fundamental questions.

What transformations will be brought about by the widespread adoption of large-scale language models - commonly referred to as "artificial intelligence" - whose potential is considerable? The revolution in our daily lives and business processes is certain, but how far will it go? Put another way, will AI destroy or create value?

How will the economy manage to adapt to the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels? How can we turn the need for decarbonisation into a new opportunity for sustainable growth? Will technological innovation be part of the problem or part of the solution?

How can we acknowledge the excesses and shortcomings of globalisation without giving in to the temptation of national preference? As autarky is a fable, protectionism is always a double-edged sword. How can we defend our industrial sovereignty without denying ourselves constructive collaboration with foreign players, who are as much allies as competitors?

And finally, the question that underlies all the others: where will the geopolitical fault lines lie in the future, those that mark out the front lines of economic wars? Between the old West and the ambitious global South? Between liberal democracies and authoritarian regimes, whether communist or neo-conservative? Between the countries aligned with the Paris Agreement and all the others?

In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment, both threats and opportunities are difficult to identify and assess. Managers know this: strengthening their company's resilience involves a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, it means refocusing on solid fundamentals, on a coherent set of values, on a positioning in line with its strengths. On the other hand, it means boldly looking to the future.

The Institut Choiseul is a unique place to take a long view and think about the world. It helps business leaders set a course for their company that makes sense and mobilises their energies. The conquerors of the economy celebrated here will find the support of their peers within the Institut's ecosystem, in a dynamic of collective intelligence and open innovation.

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