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Cloud Temple has become the fourth player and the first French outsourcer to be SecNumCloud certified by ANSSI*. Thanks to this certification, which represents several years' work and €7m of investment, Cloud Temple will be able to offer its customers a 'trusted cloud', in full compliance with European law.

Paris, 22 March 2022 - The SecNumCloud label was created against a backdrop of accelerating digitalisation of businesses and increasing cybercrime (particularly as a result of the health crisis). It is a security qualification introduced by ANSSI for cloud operators offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) services. The aim of the ANSSI's common reference framework is to provide a 'centralised' approach, rather than leaving companies to negotiate their security requirements with each partner or supplier as part of their digital transformation.

To qualify for SecNumCloud status, we had to prove that our offering complied in its entirety with the criteria and best practices listed in the ANSSI's information systems security guidelines. These standards cover every aspect of the cloud, from the technical to the physical, from the contractual to the operational. This work has mobilised some twenty full-time staff in our teams over the past three years, and represented a real investment of no less than €7m.

Christophe Lesur, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Temple

According to KPMG, "The European cloud is already a highly attractive market, with annual growth expected to exceed 25% by 2030, reaching between 300 and 500 billion euros.

However, from a legal and regulatory point of view, the cloud market presents high risks and a profound inconsistency between American and European regulations, making the current situation unsustainable. While in Europe the cloud market is dominated by the 'hyperscalers' - mainly American Amazon, Google and Microsoft - the adoption of the law on cybersecurity has opened the door to the creation of a European certification programme requested by a number of players. This programme, known as the European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme (EUCS), represents a first step towards a harmonised cybersecurity certification framework at European level, and comprises three levels of assurance: basic, substantial and high, the latter including the elements of the SecNumCloud reference framework.

This certification comes at an opportune moment for all our customers who, in the wake of the health crisis, have had to accelerate their digital transformation. Today, under pressure from their businesses, their infrastructure needs to be transparent and able to reconcile the best of both worlds - sovereignty and hyperscaling - so that it can respond quickly and fluidly to users' expectations. So we're particularly proud to be able to offer all our customers this new 'trusted cloud' guarantee.

Christophe Lesur

About Cloud Temple

As a key player in the field of digital sovereignty, Cloud Temple supports businesses and public sector bodies in the transformation, hosting and outsourcing of their mission-critical applications. An expert in hybridisation, Cloud Temple is able to propose the best architecture to meet every business need. Its SecNumCloud-qualified trusted cloud platform also makes it a leader in the sovereign cloud. With over 300 employees, Cloud Temple has a presence throughout France.

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