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Dry accommodation

Dedicated or shared space

Secure hosting for your equipment in a dedicated or shared environment, depending on your needs

Securing your physical equipment

Your equipment is hosted in highly secure data centres, equipped with cutting-edge technologies for surveillance, intrusion detection and threat protection.

Control your environment

You have complete freedom to customise your equipment, install the software of your choice and configure the settings according to the specific needs of your applications and workloads.

Shared hosting

Reduce your hosting costs while freeing yourself from concerns about racking, cabling and electricity.

Opt for dedicated hosting

Take advantage of a dedicated space for your equipment, without having to worry about security constraints (electricity, air conditioning, risk of fire or intrusion, etc.) and maintaining your physical equipment in operational condition.


2 independent electrical inputs

Controlled and constant temperature and humidity

Copper, optical fibre

1Gb/s , 10Gb/s, 25Gb/s


Availability zones
4 AZ

Connection to all Cloud Temple products


Infrastructure work units - DRY HOUSING IN NON-SECNUMCLOUD AREAS Unit Unit price € excl. tax/month Commitment
HOSTING IN THE BAY - 1 U Shared - 150W (1 C19) 1 U 188,40 € 12 months
HOSTING IN THE BAY - 1 U Shared - 300W (2 C19) 1 U 349,20 € 12 months
HOUSING IN A BAY - 42U dedicated - 3 Kw of energy on 2 electric chains 1 42U rack 3 582,00 € 12 months
HOUSING IN A BAY - 42U dedicated - 2 Kw additional energy 2 Kwh 812,16 € 1 month
Use cases

Physical equipment

For organisations and businesses that continue to use physical equipment such as IBM's AS/400 servers, hosting them in the data centres where Cloud Temple operates guarantees their security and maintenance in operational conditions.

Use cases

Connecting a third-party operator

Organisations and companies wishing to use operator links can host their box in the rooms where Cloud Temple operates, and benefit from an increased level of security.

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