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PaaS OpenShift

The unified platform for creating, modernising and deploying your large-scale applications

Available Q1 2024

Combining safety and innovation

For its containerisation solution, Cloud Temple has chosen Red Hat OpenShift to offer you a reliable, easy-to-access open source reference platform in its trusted cloud.

Modernising applications

As a driver of application modernisation, trusted PaaS provides both enhanced operational efficiency through deeper automation, and a reduced energy footprint.

Accelerate development cycles

Containerisation streamlines software development by using functional building blocks that can be updated and changed individually without any global impact on the application.

Managing multi-cloud applications

Deploy and manage your applications in hybrid environments combining on-premise infrastructures, sovereign cloud and public cloud, thanks to the portability of containers and the centralised management of OpenShift.

Technical specifications

Red Hat OpenShift integrates security controls into your containers throughout the application lifecycle.

Integrated monitoring
OpenShift relies on Prometheus to monitor cloud-native applications and clusters. Use Grafana dashboards for visualisation.

Environment on demand
Application teams can access approved services and infrastructure, with centralised management and administration.

Kubernetes certification
Certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), OpenShift guarantees compatibility and interoperability between your container workloads.

Centralised policy management
OpenShift gives administrators a unified console across all clusters to implement and enforce policies across multiple teams.

Integration into an ecosystem
Red Hat has worked with hundreds of partners to validate the technological integrations of their environments with OpenShift.


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Cloud temple enterprise photo application deployment
Use cases

Efficient application deployment

Efficiently deploy modern applications. You have access to advanced tools for creating, managing, and orchestrating containers, simplifying the implementation of microservices architectures and cloud-native applications. All within a trusted cloud environment.

Cloud temple enterprise photo security
Use cases

Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Qualification approach guarantees a secure environment, while built-in automation makes the transition easier. You can migrate your existing applications to containers and benefit from greater operational efficiency.

Cloud temple enterprise photo application modernisation
Use cases

Application development and testing

Containers provide a consistent environment between the development and testing stages, enabling teams to work collaboratively. Enhanced automation makes it easy to provision test environments, accelerating the development cycle.

Cloud temple enterprise environmental and economic efficiency
Use cases

Environmental and economic efficiency

Containerised applications are deployed more efficiently. This limits the need for hardware and energy resources, while ensuring better use of available resources.

The development of this product received support from Bpifrance as part of the SecNumCloud qualification support scheme.

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