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Block storage

The adaptable block storage solution for optimum storage performance

Improving productivity

Block storage automatically divides data into distinct blocks with unique identifiers, optimising their placement on different systems for maximum efficiency. Each block functions like a hard disk.

Enhancing safety

Data is separated between customer environments. It is encrypted by default. The underlying infrastructure is inherently redundant to ensure an availability rate of 99.99%.

Ensuring the continuity of your operations

Synchronous or asynchronous replication mechanisms can be applied as part of business continuity plans, in addition to backups.


Data availability
Up to 99.99%

From 500 /TiB to 15000 /TiB

Data protection
Native encryption

Virtual machines

Type of storage
100% flash


Work units Unit Unit price per month Commitment
FLASH STORAGE - Datastore Essential - 500 IOPS/TB 1 GiB 0,059 € 1 month
FLASH STORAGE - Datastore Standard - 1,500 IOPS/TB 1 GiB 0,076 € 1 month
FLASH STORAGE - Datastore Premium - 3,000 IOPS/TB 1 GiB 0,118 € 1 month
FLASH STORAGE - Datastore Enterprise - 7,500 IOPS/To 1 GiB 0,143 € 1 month
FLASH STORAGE - Datastore Ultra - 15,000 IOPS/TB 1 GiB 0,294 € 1 month
STOCKAGE MECA - Datastore MassStorage 1 TiB 23,94 € 1 month
STOCKAGE MECA - Archiving and backup 1 TiB 23,94 € 1 month
transactional database
Use cases

Transactional databases

Block storage is commonly utilised in scenarios requiring high performance, availability, and reliability, such as online transactional databases (OLTP) in the financial services sector. To ensure rapid response to transactions, infallible data integrity, and 24/7 availability, banks employ an OLTP database paired with a block storage system.

Cloud temple photo hosting of critical and sensitive services
Use cases

Enhanced security for ultra-sensitive data

Block storage plays an essential role in strengthening the security of ultra-sensitive data. By using robust encryption, it provides effective protection against the residual risks of data extraction within availability zones. This ensures that ultra-sensitive data remains inaccessible to unauthorised access, guaranteeing optimum security.

Use cases

Synchronous replication / meta-replication

For critical applications that do not tolerate any data loss, the SAN synchronous replication system between the two sites enables a zero RPO (or "last disk write") to be achieved. In a meta-replication storage volume, the SAN virtualisation controllers work together to perform write operations on both sites simultaneously.

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