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The shield against online attacks

Protect your applications published on the Internet

Our Anti-DDoS service offers state-of-the-art protection against capacitive attacks. We detect and analyse traffic patterns and restrict connections deemed malicious. This ensures that your website and applications remain online regardless of the intensity of the attack.

Avoiding service stoppages

With Cloud Temple's native anti-DDoS protection, your infrastructure remains available even during a DDoS attack. Your users and customers can continue to access your services without latency or interruption.

Real-time analysis

Incoming traffic is constantly monitored for signs of potential attacks. The system reacts instantly to block volumetric attacks and guarantee the availability of your services.



Volumetric protection
Permanent detection

Mitigation capacity
1 Tb/s


Anti-DDoS is included in the Internet access.

Work units Unit Unit price per month Commitment
Anti-DDoS Included in our product Internet access
Cloud temple enterprise environmental and economic efficiency
Use cases
High-traffic websites

High-traffic websites are potential targets for DDoS attacks. Cloud Temple's anti-DDoS solution offers effective protection for businesses that want to secure their online presence and ensure the continued availability of their site, even in the event of major attacks.

Cloud temple enterprise photo governance risk and compliance management
Use cases
Critical applications

Businesses and organisations whose critical operations rely on web applications can rely on Cloud Temple's anti-DDoS solution to ensure the continued availability of these applications.

Use cases
SaaS solution providers

Publishers of SaaS solutions need to ensure the availability of their services and software. Cloud Temple's anti-DDoS solution secures their SaaS platforms against possible attacks, preserving their users' experience and guaranteeing continuity of service.

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