Cloud Temple accompanies you from the beginning to the end in order to ensure your businesses protection. Cloud Temple natively integrates security into all your projects to meet your regulatory context (GSB, MPL, GDPR, etc), guarantee the success of your digital enterprise transformation (mobility, consumerisation, Iot, social networks, etc.) or strengthen your System Information protection. With the majority of attacks occurring by rebound (via a subcontractor), Cloud Temple guarantees a high level of security requirement in all services offered. ISO 27001 certified cloud services.

In numbers

of businesses were victimes of cyber attacks in 2019.
on average to discover a cyber attack.
Cloud Temple employees followed the ANSSI and CNIL Moocs.

Our avantages

Cloud Temple employees followed the ANSSI and CNIL Moocs.

#1 Security evaluation

We support you in the evolution of regulations (GSB, MPL, GDPR, etc.)

#2 Digital Risk Management

ISS coaching and governance, training and awareness-raising

#3 Security Management

Vulnerability management, incident detection, SIEM, SOC, incident response (CERT), cyber threat intelligence, intelligence

#4 Compliance with the markets best practices

From secure code production to hosting security (Secnumcloud qualification in progress)



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