Our CloudOps teams, made up of SRE engineers, organize the production and maintenance, of your applications, in operational conditions. They work with the development teams to automate deployments and reduce incidents. CloudOps provides you with a set of tools and integrated environments to experiment, streamline communication between teams, share information and control your budget.

In numbers

Of generated code is of better quality
More time spent on producing evolutions
Service Interruption thanks to The Blue Green Service

Our avantages

A fruitful collaboration for faster and more reliable production release.

#1 Availability

Benefit from a recognized application expertise. Real-time reporting.

#2 Security

Be sure to apply the best security practices of the market: SOC, SIEM, conformities & GDPR.

#3 Modernization

We reduce your time-to-market by making you benefit from current practices: CI/CD, microservices, serverless, …

#4 Productivity

We accompany you through the industrialization of your processes.



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