Public cloud

Fast and inexpensive to set up, the public cloud strategy quickly adapts itself to your companies challenges. Partners of suppliers such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, we support you in the strategy and implantation of these solutions.
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SI Transformation

Digital transformation via the cloud is emerging as a decisive competitive advantage and a factor of resilience in an increasingly complex labor market. Adopting the cloud allows you to increase your flexibility, profitability and security. In this new ecosystem, choosing your partner is one of the keys to success. We support you in your strategic choices to ensure the sustainability of your solutions.
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Secure sovereign Cloud

With the ambition to become one of the leaders of the trusted cloud of the state, the sovereign hosting services of Cloud Temple meet the highest security requirements of the French and European market. Its design simplifies the deployment of your Infrastructure-as-Code strategy and provides you with native hybridization capability with Microsoft Azure and AWS public clouds. More than hosting, Cloud Temple supports you on the modernization of your applications and their maintenance in operational conditions. All with a controled carbone footprint...
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