It’s official, Cloud Temple is certified Great Place to Work® France! A label recognized worldwide as the reference in terms of quality employee experience.  


Working at Cloud Temple means adhering to a “social contract” that encourages autonomy and professional fulfillment. For this, the flexibility of the workplace offers a real life balance to our employees. At the same time, we maintain the company’s particular mindset by facilitating exchanges and communication, and by mobilizing everyone around CSR commitments. This is what earned us the Great Place to Work certification.

Sébastien Lescop, Chief Executive Officer

Cloud Temple certifié Great Place To Work

To join the Great Place to Work community, Cloud Temple was audited on all its HR and managerial actions using two tools: 

Trust Index: employee perception

The Trust Index© is an anonymous questionnaire addressed to our employees, based on a 5 dimensional model. It was administered by Great Place To Work and included nearly 60 questions. Its purpose was to understand how our employees live in the company. 

Following the completion of this snapshot of the employee experience within our organization, we achieved an overall score of 85%

Culture Audit: our managerial practices

The Culture Audit© identifies managerial practices around 5 major themes. This file was evaluated by Great Place To Work on the basis of an international rating grid. 

Cloud Temple is perceived as a company with integrity where the work atmosphere is pleasant, the atmosphere friendly and where you can count on your colleagues. Our employees feel empowered on a daily basis. They feel that everyone is treated fairly, regardless of gender or origin. 

Cassandra Egger, Human Resources Manager

Do you want to join a company that puts people at the heart of its development? Join us! 

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